Get Afraid Journal

Try It for the Story—Comfort Zone Challenges to Spark Creativity and Inspire Adventure

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  • 50+ Challenges
  • You’ll write, draw, trash, and explore
  •  Interactive Journal

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Challenge suggestions, art projects and journal prompts
designed to help expand your comfort zone.

This light, slim and portable journal is comfortable for carrying around or tossing in your bag. Each page features a unique prompt and open space to record your adventures. Customers love capturing memories through journal entries, random notes, clippings, stubs, and photos.

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Features of a Get Afraid Journal

Over 50 Challenge Suggestions

Journal entries, drawing prompts, and more to motivate you to push your boundaries.

Customizable Goals

What do you want to try? Each journal features prompts to fill in the blank and create your own unique goals.


Convenient 5.25” x 8”  size is perfect for your purse or backpack.

4-Millimeter Dot Grid Paper

Subtle dot-grid pages for easy writing, sketching or doodling.

Who’s it for?


Your Mom, Dad, son, daughter, niece, nephew. Anyone who’s looking to get a bit silly and have fun.

Fun with Friends

Get Afraid Journals are even more fun with friends. Try a challenge together and see what happens!

What’s it for?

Being Creative

Draw, sketch and illustrate your adventures. Trips to museums, solo hikes and more.

Collecting Keepsakes

Record your favorite memories. Add stickers. Collect tickets.

Keeping a Diary

Perfect for daily journaling after trying something new.

It’s your journal! Don’t be afraid to make it yours.

Book Details

Ink and Paper

  • Black Ink
  • 55# (90 GSM) White Paper


  • 80# (220 GSM) White Paper Stock
  • Matte Finish with Minimal Sheen
  • Subtle Texture for Enhanced Grip

About the Author

Jed Stoneham, has been a writer and designer since 2005. His work has been featured on Boing Boing, AOL, and MetaFilter. He is a Graduate of the Second City Comedy Writing Program and the Second City Beginning Improv Program.

*Information and details subject to change upon publication.

Additional information


Jed Stoneham


5.25 x 8 in




Perfect Binding

Interior & Paper Type

Black & White Interior with White Paper

Paperback Cover Finish


Dot Grid Size

4 mm