Dancing at Daybreaker (Season 2, #1)

Man Afraid Dancing at Daybreaker

Taking public transportation to a Dance Party at 7am.

Explore the unknown and report back. Check out the Get Afraid Journal!


Special Guest: Amanda Elliott
Windy City Cosmo | Keeping You in the Loop

Instagram: @windycitycosmo

Phil Scott’s New Album: B. burgdorferi
Featuring the piano he bought from me in Episode 109.

Theme music by EfeflowBeats.

Articles Used for Research

Daybreaker Chicago

We Got Up Early To Take Part In The Latest Trend — A Dance Party Before Work

Daybreaker: The 7am Pre-Work Dance Party You Won’t Believe Exists [INSIGHTS] | Elite Dail

We Went To A Sober Morning Rave – Test Friends

Wut? No.

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